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  • Текст песни Emily Kinney - Expired Lover

    Исполнитель: Emily Kinney
    Название песни: Expired Lover
    Дата добавления: 13.09.2015 | 06:07:22
    Просмотров: 120
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    I don't want you anymore
    Summer's gone, and now I'm sure
    The box behind my bed I've saved
    I took out with the trash today

    Oh, the truth is: I've met someone new
    The truth is: you probably have, too
    The truth is: I can't stand your face
    When I think of all the love we made

    Oh, we took a walk- we took a walk out by the Hudson River,
    The human breaks, you need to please, and make my shoulders shiver.

    You asked me, "Baby girl, how long until my heart recovers?"

    I'm sure the answer's "Never."

    You're a top-act shelf, out-of-date, too-late, expired lover

    No, I'm not the only girl to save
    Items past their expiration date

    I sucked you up, 'til my stomach churned
    My throat closed, my eyes would burn
    Someone told me that love was suppose to hurt
    But, now I've learned.

    And, I don't want this anymore
    Like hand-me-downs, waitin' by my door.
    I kept you around, but I don't know what for.
    So, I took a walk all by myself from river side to south street.

    It's 2 a.m.; I've let you in, and whenever your here, I can't sleep.
    Is there anyway to save you and me?
    Baby, now that I've discovered, enjoy takin' all my covers, this is your last sleep over.

    You're a top-act shelf, out-of-date, too-late, expired lover

    You're a top-act shelf, out-of-date, too-late, expired lover.

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